With winter coming, here is a list of some preventative maintenance jobs to be done around your home:

1) Clean out the gutters.  Once temperatures drop below freezing, wet leaves in the gutters will freeze and lead to potential “ice dams” in your gutters.  Unsure of being up on a ladder?  Contact us!

2) Do you have a fireplace.  It is important that the flue is cleaned once a year.  Build up of creosote and debris can lead to chimney fires.  We recommend Bazemore Chimney Sweep. 

3) Old windows?  We highly recommend replacing your windows with Ideal vinyl replacement windows.  You will feel the difference.  Contact us!

4) New concrete installed?  When using salt or ice melt on recently installed concrete, be sure the container says, “For new concrete”.  Typical rock salt and ice melt will cause there to be pits or “divets” in the new concrete.